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Cornwall Intercom System

Cornwall security alarm and security control system supply, installation and maintenance.
Cornwall security specialists Duchy Alarms are based in Truro but offer a supply, installation and maintenance service for a wide range of fire and security alarms and systems and fire throughout the South West of England.
Homelink 55
Intercom System
Cornwall Security Systems

PD 6662 : 2004 Grade 2 Radio System

Today’s alarm system needs more flexibility to cater for rapidly changing home and business environments. No longer is a purely wired system necessarily the best answer. The Scantronic Homelink 55 radio system lets you take advantage of the latest advances in narrow-band secure radio technology to fit an alarm system without disruption to your décor or the need to spend time trying to hide cables. Homelink 55 allows you to choose radio detectors that can be sited precisely where needed, with no unsightly cabling. A wide variety of suitable radio detectors covering most security requirements is available, including advanced smoke detectors to complete your family’s protection. You can even protect outbuildings, sheds, garages, caravans, vehicles and boats parked near the premises without having to worry about running cables back.

Homelink 55 also frees you from relying on fixed, often inconveniently situated, panic buttons as it enables small, portable radio units to be used anywhere in and around the premises. Typically, these portable units will operate inside most domestic and commercial buildings and the area immediately outside them, offering you personal protection even when you are relaxing in the garden or walking to your vehicle.

To ensure maximum security, the system checks the status of all its associated transmitters every 4 minutes to ensure optimum performance at all times. Scantronic’s 30 year’s experience in providing security radio systems has developed a unique dual diversity antenna system guaranteeing excellent radio reception with minimal dead-spots, even in the most hostile environments.

Operation is via attractive remote keypads, up to four on a system, using a 6-digit code or, to simplify operation and reduce further the possibility of user-error, a personal-encrypted proximity tag is also supplied. There is an optional key-fob transmitter that lets you set or unset the system by simply pressing the appropriate button, just like operating your car’s central locking system.

As well as an integral modem for alarm and service information, Homelink 55 has full remote upload/download capability allowing your installer to programme and perform routine service and diagnostic tests without having to visit your premises.

Technical Specification

PD6662:2004 Compliance* Grade 2, Enviromental Class II

16 fully supervised radio zones + 8 fully programmable wired zones (CC, with global tamper on panel, or 2 Wire FSL)
Zone attributes: Each zone can be programmed as one of the following types – personal attack, fire, normal alarm, final exit, 24 hour, entry route, ‘not used’ shock analyser (zone 1-4 only) technical alarm, key-switch, keybox, smoke detector, anti-mask, Forbikobler, AC fail, low battery, battery fault, power output fault, fault. The following attributes are also available:- chime, soak test, double knock, omit allowed, anti-mask.

Kit Supplied

1 x blank end-station control panel, 9940 LCD keypad with one proximity tag, RFX16 radio expander


Accepts up to 4 x 9940 or 9930 remote keypads (or any combination)

Proximity Reader

9940 keypad includes a proximity reader as standard


Full feature plain text LCD display, 2 x lines, 16 characters per line

Level Setting

A = Full set. B, C, and D offer part set options


A, B, C & D buttons offer 4 x fully independent partitions, each with individual entry/exit timers

Event Log

700 event log with date and time stamped, viewed or downloaded


PD6662:2004 Grade 2. Environmental Class II, ATS 2


Key-switch zone type, full = A, part = B setting/unsetting, disarm and reset.


50 x 4 or 6 digit user and/or proximity tags, 1 engineer code (6-digit codes must be used for PD6662:2004 Grade 2 systems)

Internal Sounder

Accepts up to 2 x 16 ohm internal sounders, exit/entry tones via internal sounder with electronic volume control (A-Set in partition mode)


3 open collector output programmable as bell, exit/entry follow, armed lamp, set latch, shock reset, walk test (LED enable), ready lamp, 24 hour alarm, strobe, smoke reset, strobe when setting, siren test, pulsed set, pulsed unset, confirm, set complete, unset complete, system alarm, fire, PA, set fail, general fault, all fault

Remote Communications

Multi-format alarm reporting via a built in communicator, 8 channel fast format, SIA I, II or III or Contact ID


Built in CCITT V21 – 300 BAUD half duplex


Remote downloader facilities for programming, diagnostics and remote control using Cooper Security Multi-Product downloader software, Windows based, Secure Callback (with dynamic third call-back number), answerphone defeat option and unattended mode, manual call out

Remote Diagnostics & Servicing

Designed to conform to the BSIA Remote Service COP, remote tests include read zone resistances (panel & expander), zone activity, RFX signal strength, PSU voltages, current, battery charge current, battery load test, remotely trigger output tests, communications test, operate system with a virtual keypad

Power Supply

Conforms to EN50131-6 Type A power supply, rated power output 580mA


Stand by battery 12 volt, 7Ah rechargeable lead acid, gel type

Secondary Communications Outputs

Any wire-in secondary communication device via 8 fully programmable outputs

Radio Section

Operating frequency 868.6625MHz at 20kHz bandwidth. I-ETS 300 220. CE tested to I-ETS 300 339 (draft standard)


Product is tested to 1995/5/EC R&TTE Directive

Set Up Display

7-segment LED. Visible with case open


Integral AE2 dual diversity antennae and receiver

Transmitter Learn

Auto recognition of type and auto configuration via LED (16,000,000 permutations)

Supervision Interval

4 minutes

Rolling Code Capability

Super-encrypted, rolling code for use with remote keyfob operation (complies to PD6662:2004 and DD243:2005) Suitable rolling code keyfobs Scantronic 722rEUR-00 and 727rEUR-00

Field Strength Indication

Via internal 7-segment display

Input Power Output

Quiescent current 55mA 4-way connection to main keypad bus of any version of Scantronic 9751, 9752, 9851, 9853


4-way connection to main keypad bus


Control panel (H x W x D): 240 x 240 x 90 mm, 9940 keypad: 115 x 115 x 25mm, Radio expander: 185 x 130 x 30mm


Control panel = 3.3 kg 9940 keypad = 205gm radio expander = 380 g

Temperature Range

Environmental Class II -10 C to 55 C @ 75% RH


For more information about the door access control security systems available form Duchy Alarms, Cornwall please contact us on 01872 888 613


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