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Cornwall Security Alarms and Security Systems.

Cornwall security alarm and security control system supply, installation and maintenance. Multiscan Intercom Security System.
Cornwall security specialists Duchy Alarms are based in Truro but offer a supply, installation and maintenance service for a wide range of fire and security alarms and systems and fire throughout the South West of England.
Cornwall Security Alarms

Multiscan Alarm System

The Multiscan system comprises a base station and at least 1 handheld keypad called an RDU (Remote Display Unit). Up to 7 Remote Display Units can be connected to a system, one of which can be plugged directly to the base station. RDU's can alternatively be plugged into user outlets connected via a 4 wire link.

Two types of RDUs are available, the basic type and the'full function' type. The basic type allows the user to only accept calls and read any call messages which are displayed on the high resolution LCD display. The 'full function' unit allows the engineer to programme all the system parameters and allows an authorised user (Manager) to customise transmitter text, accept warning messages and set the system time and date.

There are several aerial types available for the system, dependant on the environment and transmitter types which are to be used. The base station has two RS232 serial outputs for connection to an optional printer/computer and pager system, with several data formats available via programmable options. A 2 amp power supply is fitted within the control panel, which also has sufficient space for two 6Ah 12V sealed lead acid batteries.

The Multiscan system is compatible with all the existing 4600 radio transmitters. Each of the transmitters can have two lines of text together with an individual transmitter code number for identification. All the text programmed is held in the system Non Volatile Data Base and can be modified locally or up/down loaded to/from a personal computer.

Technical Specifications

Mains Input 207-253V 45-55Hz @ 100VA Max.
Fuse 500 mA anti-surge
Aux Output 13.8V DC ± 0.4V (drops to battery voltage on mains fail)
Resetable Fuse 500mA
Battery Charge Voltage 13.8V ± 0.2V
Low Battery Signal Point Approx 10.5V
Battery Cut Off Approx. 8.7V-9.1V
Battery Recharge Time 1 x 6Ah battery, 2 x RDUs, maximum 6 hours
Battery Input Reverse Polarity Protected for up to 10 minutes. (If the battery is left connected it will discharge completely).
Total Current Available For Battery Charge, RDUs and Aux Output 1.5 Amps
Battery Back Up Time 1 x 6Ah battery, 2 x RDUs Max current drawn = 280mA giving typically 20 hours. 2 x 6Ah batteries, 2 x RDUs and Scope paging transmitter, Max current drawn = 480mA giving typically 24 hours

RS232 And Pager Outputs

All outputs/inputs are standard RS232 compatible and are short circuit proof. The baud rate is common to both outputs and is programmable in the range of 300-4800 baud.

Relay Outputs 

Four identical relay outputs are available. The contacts are SPDT rated 1A @ 24vDC. Two relays are used for battery and mains OK signals. The other two have programmable functions.

Radio Specifications

Frequency: 140 - 230Mhz

Call Storage

The system can hold at any one time up to 20 low and 20 high priority calls in separate queues. System faults have an  additional queue capable of storing up to 20 faults. The calls are removed from the queues only when cancelled. In addition to the queues the Printer/computer has a buffer store of 35 calls.

For more information about the door access control security systems available form Duchy Alarms, Cornwall please contact us on 01872 888 613


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