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Cornwall burglar alarms
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Retail Tagging Systems
"Retailers throughout the UK use a combination of security tagging and CCTV systems to help prevent loss, deter and also detect thefts in all sectors of the retail industry."
Why install a retail tagging system?
Loss for businesses from shoplifting in the UK is estimated to be in the region of £4 billion annually. Therefore businesses have to have proper security measures in place to ensure that damage is limited or eradicated.
Through the use of an appropriate tagging systems

At Duchy Alarms, Cornwall we have the ability and knowledge to install a fully functioning security systems to protect your business from shoplifters.
Security Retail Tagging
These small tags are a great deterrent against thieves and will help to protect your stock. If a shoplifter attempts to leave the shop with a tagged item, your shop alarm will sound and alert you to theft attempts. In addition to tags there are also security labels, available with a range of detection panels and are used widely by libraries.
CCTV Systems
CCTV allows you to see the events as they unfold and prevent a theft taking place or the recorded images can be used to identify thief's and use as evidence and result in prosecution.
Cornwall burglar alarms
CCTV systems work well in conjunction with a retail tagging system to ensure you business is properly protected.
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